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Siren’s Song - Mym Fall Retreat 2018

In the epic poem “The Odyssey” Homer describes the journey of Odysseus, returning to his home, wife, and family after the trojan wars. He faces numerous obstacles, and encounters trial after trial. At one point on his journey, he must pass through the territory of the sirens- who sing a beautiful song that leads it’s listeners to destruction. Odysseus has his men stop up their ears with wax, and tie him to the ships mast as they pass by so that they won’t be led astray. Our lives today are FILLED with the voices of sirens; calling us to come to them, offering the things we think we need, but ultimately decaying our lives, relationships, and purpose. Hebrews 12:1-3 Exhorts us to stop chasing after the voices that tell us they’re important, offer us false happiness, or call our attention away from Christ, and to instead, fix our eyes on Jesus. Just as Odysseus was willing to be tied to the mast and pointed home, sometimes we need to be tied to a mast pointed in the direction of Christ; he is the only one who offers us a life worth living, and a life that is SO incredibly abundant. We’ll be talking about the different distractions, and sirens satan uses us to lure us away from the path that leads us to Jesus, and how we can live lives that recklessly pursue the Kingdom, instead of the worthless things the world wants us to desire.

The Meadowlark Youth Ministry is a vital part of our Meadowlark Family. The ministry exists to help students build a lasting relationship with Jesus. We strive to equip students to develop a personal faith that will sustain them through the teen years and launch them into their lives as adults. We strive as a ministry to be the hands and feet of Christ and live that out daily.

We have weekly Bible studies on Sunday mornings and Life Groups on Sunday Evenings, but work to stay connected and active in so many other ways. Through retreats, service projects, game nights, camps, and countless other adventures our goal is to help each student connect with Jesus in a personal way. We always welcome volunteers who want to share their faith with teens and encourage them in their walk. You may contact Daniel Wheat if you have any questions about the ministry!