Missions Support areas 2019

Mexico City - Jamie Richter

Jamie Richter, Meadowlark's own locally grown missionary, will be serving the church in Mexico City through the AIM program. This is her pre-trip presentation.

From Jamie…

“I will be serving with three other teammates under our coordinators, Lalo and Jamie Rocha, to encourage the Metropolitan Church of Christ and reach out to the community. 

We will do this by participating with their coffee shop ministry, assistant-teaching their free English classes that are open to the public, engaging with the youth group, creating and joining small groups, and more. Once I've been a part of these efforts for a while, I'll have the opportunity to start my own ministry to help benefit God's kingdom as well!”

Hildesheim, Germany - Don & Cindy Roehrkasse

With strong commitment and dependability, the Roehrkasse family has ministered in northern Germany for more than 25 years. While their primary efforts are directed towards growing a strong church in the city of Hildesheim, their work has grown to include mentoring smaller congregations in northern Germany and directing annual church camps and retreats for Christians and non-Christians in Germany.  In recent years they have conducted a number of parenting workshops in various parts of Germany and dedicate significant time to mentoring and discipling young couples and adults in their local congregation.  They serve in Hildesheim alongside their long-time teammates Kyle and Susan Bratcher.

The Roehrkasse Family (Lft to Rt) Daniel, Amanda, Cindy, Don, Rebecca, & Julia

The Roehrkasse Family (Lft to Rt) Daniel, Amanda, Cindy, Don, Rebecca, & Julia

Honduras - School of the Good Samaritan (Kingdom Kids Honduras)

The school strives to shape underprivileged boys and girls with a quality Christ-centered education.  The mission of the Good Samaritan School is to honor God by:

  • Providing a Christ-centered education for the poorest children in Catacamas, Honduras who would not otherwise have an opportunity to receive an education.

  • Executing a comprehensive Bible curriculum so that by the time the students graduate from the 6th grade they are prepared to commit to Christ.

  • Ministering to the children, their families and the teachers. In 2018, a part-time campus minister was hired to fulfill this role.

This is Maria Rodriguez, a mother of a gardening family. Her son Liam Daniel Rodriguez is in high school, she was baptized for the forgiveness of her sins on Sunday, March 3. She is now a member of the church, for the honor and Glory of God.
This video was filmed during Martha Wells and Corey Rosenberg's visit to Catacamas, Honduras in 2018. They attended several classroom events at the Good Samaritan School. This video shows one example of a child-led prayer and song in the kindergarten classroom.
This video was filmed during Martha Wells and Corey Rosenberg's visit to Catacamas, Honduras in 2018. They attended church services while they were there and videoed this bilingual sermon given by Benny Baker and a Nicaraguan Interpreter.
All the children at Good Samaritan School received bible lessons as a regular part of their curriculum. This video shows just one example of the lessons that are given. This video was filmed during Martha Wells and Corey Rosenberg's visit to Catacamas, Honduras in 2018.

India – Paul Renganathan

Paul Renganathan, with his wife Dorothy, are headquartered in Choolaimedu, Chennai, India.  Paul is a native of Kottara and was converted to Christ in 1970.  At that time he was disowned by his Hindu family.  He then studied at Faith Theological Seminary (1970-72); Southern Asia Bible College (1973-75).  In 1976 he began teaching at Siloam Bible College and preached full-time at the Sanatorium church. . Paul has traveled throughout India establishing churches. Early on he saw the need for training new converts to be ministers, thus leading to the establishment of the World Bible College in Chennai.  Paul and Dorothy, through endless work, have seen the church grow from 4 members in 1985 to tens of thousands today and thousands of churches.

Mexico City – Lalo and Jamie Rocha

Mexico City has over 28 million people, most with little faith. Many are
disenchanted with their traditional faith. Jaime and Lalo Rocha went to Mexico City to begin to minister to the many people living there in 2010.  Lalo teaches classes, does one on one Bible studies, and usually is their preacher.  The congregation usually has 50 to 75 in attendance.

Eastern European Mission

EEM currently publishes Bibles and Bible study materials for distribution in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries in the eastern European area.  Their Million Dollar Sundays have been held since 1998 whenever there was a major need to supply large quantities of these materials to schools in large regions of Russia and Ukraine.  As of 2014, materials have been placed in 14,945 schools in Ukraine and Russia, with an enrollment of 3,131,000 students.  Additionally there have been 27 universities and 570 libraries supplied.