God's Gift of Righteousness: 03 - Three Great Words

Week 3 Questions: Romans 3:21-4:25

  • In 3:21, the two words “but now” mark a turning point in Romans. How so?

  • In 3:21-26, three great Christian words (or concepts) are mentioned: justification, redemption and propitiation. Do you understand how each of these important concepts apply to you? How are they received into your life?

  • In 3:26, how had God passed over former sins and how does this show his righteousness in the present time?

  • In 3:27, what are some sources of our boasting? Is there any basis for our boasting?

  • How do you personally define the kind of faith that Paul is talking about in 3:21-31?

  • In 3:31, how does our faith uphold the law?

  • How does the example of Abraham in chapter 4 demonstrate the principles Paul discusses in 3:21-31?

  • Why was Abraham’s faith counted to him as righteousness? How does this apply to us?