God's Gift of Righteousness: 02 - Desperately in Need of Grace

Romans 1:18-3:21

  • Why does Paul say that God’s wrath is revealed against the ungodliness and unrighteousness of men?

  • What are some excuses we make for our lack of belief in God?

  • What are the consequences for our lack of belief?

  • How do our bad choices become a “slippery slope”?

  • Why do we so quickly judge others?

  • Why is true repentance so important?

  • In Romans 2:6-10, Paul demonstrates that there are two pathways for us to follow.  Which one are you traveling?

  • A thought question for you from Romans 2:11-29:  Of what value is circumcision for the Jew or by direct application to us--baptism for the Christian?

  • Have you honestly come to terms in your own heart with why you so desperately need God’s grace?